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Template Guidelines

Note: All file attachments (except for images) should be in tar.gz, or zip format.

Template Creation

Template Namespaces

  • A processes graph template for a Linux Server would be at usertemplate:graph:linux_server:processes
  • A Host MIB logged in users template would be at usertemplate:graph:host_mib:logged_in_users
  • A QoS graph for a Cisco device would be at usertemplate:graph:cisco:qos
  • A Nortel 8600 Switch host template would be at usertemplate:host:nortel:8600
  • A Plugin template for ReportIt (supported plugin), called Default Traffic Template would be at template:plugin:reportit:default_traffic_template
  • A Plugin template for CaMM (submitted plugin), called Whatever, would be at usertemplate:plugin:camm:whatever

Template Examples

If you have a new graph template called 'fantastic' type in:

Then click 'Create this page'

If you have a data template called 'notsofantastic' type in:

Then click 'Create this page'

Having them under the proper namespace pulls up the correct default template.

Template Defaults

When creating a template for the first time, it is automagically populated with a standard set of defaults. Please complete as many of the sections as possible to maintain the site standard.

Template Data Entry

The very first section of the Template_Defaults is the Data Entry area. Completing this section will allow for the template to be listed on the Templates page.

Sample Data Entry

---- dataentry plugin_style ----
author_page: wiki:user:gandalf
description: Interface Traffic Template showing Peak Data
Cacti_Version: 087d
date: 2009-04-15
includes_dependancies: yes
templates_tags: Traffic

Template Tags

At the very bottom of the Template_Data_Entry after 'template_tags', you can enter tags that will allow for filtering via the 'tag cloud' at the top of the Templates page

Attempt to make these tags as generic as possible, while still retaining meaningful information. For example, 'linux, proccesses' is sufficient, 'categorizing, linux, process, snmp, very pretty' is unnecessary.

Note: All tags should be in lowercase to avoid duplication of tags.

Template Deletion

Remove everything in the page except for DELETEME ( DELETEME ) and the admins will purge it.

If there is a file attached to the page, leave the link to the file and place DELETEME beside it.

In 'Edit Summary' ensure you enter DELETEME as it will make it easier to find under Recent Changes.


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