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We hope this updated development road map promote greater involvement in the development and use of Cacti in the community.

Due to a lack of time of a majority of the developers (new house, new jobs, moving, etc…), the original release dates have been pushed out. Originally Cacti 0.8.8 was to be released at the beginning of 2009, currently that isn't possible. But things are on the horizon! Keep an eye out for announcements in the near future for Beta releases!


Release Second Quarter of 2009

Major Features

  • Inclusion of Plugin Architecture
  • Revamp of Cacti logging
    • Extensive support for syslog
    • Auto log pruning
    • Logging to database
  • Event management sub system
  • New user and group permissions system
  • Move interface to CSS and HTML clean up


Release Second Quarter of 2010

Major Features

  • Full support for multiple polling intervals
    • Structured host directories
    • RRA templates/grouping (still designing)
    • Remove step and heartbeat from data template/sources
  • Template packages
    • Reduce efforts needed to import templates with scripts
    • Support author information and version checking
    • More data query XML resources into the database
  • Online Repository/Warehouse released at the same time
    • Internationalization support


Release Second Quarter of 2011

Major Features

  • Integration of Boost into base code
  • More to come!!!

Road map subject to change, check back for updates.

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